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The Town of Macklin is situated along the Saskatchewan/Alberta border approximately 110 KM south of Lloydminster. We are presently, and have been for the past two decades, in the middle of a large oildfield expansion. The population of the community has been steadily rising with the addition of many new, young families to the area. The average population growth of 9.5% per year makes Macklin one of the fastest growing communities in the province and with 73% of our population under the age of 45, we remain one of the youngest as well.

The area in and around Macklin has been extremely active in creating new and stable employment opportunities. In the past two years we have seen families from Newfoundland, Manitoba, Ontario and Alberta, to name a few, relocate to our community to secure employment. The location of the community, being on the border, provides the residents the best advantages of the two competing provinces. The mainstays of the economic growth within the region have been agriculture and oilfield related businesses.

We, as a community, are very proud of the quality of recreational services that we offer to our residents. In 1990 we completed the construction of a $1.4 million dollar community hall and curling rink complex. Nineteen ninety seven marked the completion of phase two of this project, the construction of a new $2.3 million dollar hockey arena. In 1999 construction was completed on a new golf course clubhouse fashioned after the original train station previously located in our town. Macklin and District's new $4.1 million dollar Health Center was opened in the fall of 1996 and with a new 3000 foot Airport Runway that opened in 1995, you can see that this is a community on the go.

Situated 0.4 KM south of Macklin is the Macklin Lake Regional Park. This park has become a main stop on any golf tour package traveling this region. The Lakeview Golf Course boasts a fully irrigated nine hole grass green golf course comparable to any in the province. The regional park also boasts a campground with 125 fully serviced sites and 60 non-serviced sites.

Annually, within the park and the community, we play host to the World Bunnock Championship. During this weekend the population of the town more than doubles in size. This game, played with horse ankle bones, is a combination of horseshoes and lawn bowling, and is fast becoming a tourist event that people from all over the world come to see. This championship has been featured on several CBC shows and many different newspapers around the world. This is one of the many attractions that makes our community such a wonderful place to live. We, as a community, pride ourselves in being a family-oriented community, so stop by and we are sure that it will feel like home.

Recently Macklin seen the completion of a $2.3 million dollar water treatment plant and the start of construction on the $2 million dollar Macklin School gymnasium expansion.

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