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Economic Development

Macklin is one of the founding members of Border Regional Economic Development Authority Inc. The goals of Border REDA is to assist, promote & encourage the social & economic development of the region it serves.

Border REDA encourages and promotes the retention and expansion of existing businesses and the attraction and development of new businesses in the communities and rural municipalities of our member communities.


  • To create jobs.
  • To encourage feasible public and private business opportunities.
  • To encourage the social and economic viability of existing urban and rural communities within the region.
  • To provide private and inter-municipal leadership, co-operation and co-ordination of ideas and knowledge to achieve development.
  • To improve the quality of life for all residents within the region.
  • Border REDA has its head office in Macklin, SK but utilizes offices in other communities of its member municipalities by appointment.


  • Business Plan Development
  • Business Development Resource Centre
  • Community & Economic Development Project Co-ordination and Facilitation
  • Business Retention & Expansion Assistance
  • Business Attraction & Development Services
  • Small Business Loans (Maximum of $10,000)
  • Community Profiles & Statistics
  • Marketing Information
  • Supplier Searches

For more information on Border REDA see it web page at

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Town of Macklin
P.O. Box 69
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PH (306) 753-2256
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