Rules of the Game


The game consists of two parallel rows of bones, each row consisting of two guards and twenty bones. There are a total of eight throwers.
The object of the game is to knock down the opposition's bones beginning with the guards. The team that knocks down the opposition's bones first, with the least number of shots, will be declared the winner.
The team that has been chosen to throw first will throw all their throwers at the opponent's bones. Once the entire team has thrown, the opposing team may then throw back. This continues until the game is finished.
The first team to knock down all of the opposing team's bones wins the game, however each team is allowed to throw the same number of bones. If the first team to knock down all the bones threw first, the opposing team will be allowed to throw back any bones the first team used to knock down all the bones.
Once both guards have been knocked down, the remaining bones may be knocked down in any order.
An extra game will be played in the event of a tie. Teams will change ends but the order of throw remains the same.


  1. A team is made up of 4 players, one of which must be of the opposite sex.
  2. There is no age limit for a player.
  3. A player may be registered on only one team.
  4. Once a team is registered, only those players registered are allowed to play on that team, with the following exception: If one of the registered players cannot play for any valid reason (the Bunnock Committee will decide if the reason is valid), the Bunnock Committee will provide that team with a list of 5 substitutes that the team may pick from.


  1. Two parallel rows of bones shall be 10 meters (32 ft. 6 in.) apart with one guard 0.4 meters (16 in.) from either end of the row.
  2. Prior to beginning a game, the umpire shall throw a coin and ask one captain to call heads or tails. The winner of the toss may choose one but not both of the following:
    1. Choose which end to play from
    2. choose to shoot first or last.
    The opponent shall have the remaining choice.


  1. The throw line has been defined as the line on which the bones are set up, extending 1.0 meters from either guard. The foul line shall be a marked line 1 meter in front of the throw line. You must throw from the throw line and at no time while throwing can you step over the foul line.
  2. All bones must be thrown underhand.
  3. A bone that has been thrown is not retrievable once over the foul line regardless of the distance it has travelled.
  4. Any opposition bone accidentally knocked or kicked down shall be considered down.
  5. In the event that a bone other than a guard is knocked down, before both guards on that line have been knocked down, it will be placed 5 cm (2 in.) inside the nearest guard. Any other bones knocked down before the guards, will be placed 5 cm (2 in.) from the previous bone. If more bones are knocked down than space allows, they will be placed 5 cm. (2 in.) behind the replaced bone. If any of these bones are knocked down a second time, it shall be placed 5 cm. (2 in.) outside of the nearest guard and so on. In the event that one of these bones is knocked down a third time it shall be replaced where it fell.
  6. If a bone beside a guard is knocked down at the same time as the first guard falls, the bone shall be placed 5 cm. (2 in.) outside the remaining guard. The first guard remains down.
  7. A bone that has been thrown will remain where it stops until the completion of that end.
  8. Once the guards are down, no bones shall be moved prior to the completion of the end. Once the end is completed all knocked down bones shall be removed from play.
  9. If, after a complete end, a bone is leaning on a downed bone, the umpire shall remove the downed bone unless both teams are in agreement. If the leaner remains standing, it shall be considered standing.
  10. If a bone is hit by a thrower and breaks, and it’s base remains standing, that bone shall be replaced by a whole bone on the same spot.
  11. The throwing order may be interchanged at any time during the game, but a player must throw both bones before the next player may throw.
  12. If a shot is declared foul, the shot is lost. Any fallen bones must be set up as close as possible to where they were.
  13. If more than one game is being played, you must change ends and the winner throws first.
  14. The umpire shall have the right to disqualify any team that is using foul or abusive language to the opposing team or to the umpire.
  15. If a team does not agree with an umpire’s ruling, they may request the umpire to review his decision with two more umpires. This ruling shall then be final.

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